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To Travel is to take a journey into yourself


“Hey there! I’m Khema, a French-Thai student in Digital Marketing currently living in Scotland.” 


Baroudeuse is a french word for adventurer, intrepid traveler and globe trotter and truly embodies what I am passionate about. Adventure and Discovery.

Although I am no Indiana Jones nor Lara Croft (I wish!), I like to try new things and discover new cultures. This is the platform I’m using to express myself, my thoughts and to document my year living in the beautiful country that is Scotland! A country with a deeply fascinating folklore and full of magical stories.

The Little Baroudeuse is about sharing my love for adventure, telling fun anecdotes about my travels and will hopefully help brighten your day.


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ


This blog is for an educational purpose as an assignment for an MSc in Digital Marketing