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To Travel is to take a journey into yourself

Sweet Escapade in Madrid

Sweet Escapade in Madrid

 January Blues is hitting me hard. It’s cold, it’s grey, it’s rainy and I don’t feel like leaving my bed. I’ve been on a Black Mirror bender for the past few days wondering about the human condition while having an existential crisis. So yeah… I need to get my motivation hat on again. Get my juice back. Get my groove on. Turn the disco lights back on. Get the party starting again. Point me in the direction of a motivation guru please!

Travelling has always been the best motivational tool for me. Even just dreaming about my next adventures, planning it in my head is enough to get me all happy again. Maybe you feel the same?

That’s why, as part of my therapy to get through January, I will be writing a blog post about my trip to Madrid which was obviously amazing and will hopefully lift the mood.

I initially went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday but I took advantage of her hospitality to visit the city as well.

This trip was in July 2017 so Madrid was feeling really hot, ‘Caliente’ if I may say (and that is the extent of my Spanish). It was so hot then, around 40°C. I can feel the warm Spanish sun seeping through the photographs right this moment.

Burning alive at Plaza Mayor

As I stated before, it was really hot. Especially the day we went for an afternoon stroll and decided to take a look at Plaza Mayor. Not a lot of souls were brave enough to stand under the burning gaze of the sun. But I needed my dose of Vitamin D so I proceeded to gorge and gorge on it. Oh How I miss those lovely scorching rays of paradise.


If you look closely you can see me slowly melting into the ground




Evidently though, all that exposure to the sun made us quite dehydrated. We had to quench our thirst with something fresh and delicious before going back to serious tourist mode. And on holiday, you’ve got to take things slow right?


Let’s quench our thirst with a watermelon mojito! What else is there?


Strolling in the streets



I love this photo. It’s nothing much. Just a photo of my friends walking in a street. It’s not a picture of a famous monument, there is nothing fundamentally exceptional about this one. It is, however, really special to me. I remember feeling so relaxed at that moment. Just walking. Taking in the hot Spanish air and feeling really happy. It’s cheesy but it is what it is. You don’t have to do something necessarily fancy to enjoy a vacation somewhere. For me it was this walk, in the early evening, the city was waking up from the afternoon torpor, the air was slowly cooling down, we were no longer suffocating on our own sweat.


A beautiful promenade around the Royal Palace




Royal Sunset

There’s no better sensation than the cool touch of the early evening air on your face. Especially after a day roasting under the Madrilene sunshine. We ended our first day at Plaza de Oriente, between the Royal Theatre and the Royal Palace.

Find yourself a terrace, order a Sangria or a Tinto de Verano, a delicious and refreshing mix of red wine and Spanish lemonade, settle in and appreciate one of the most magnificent sunset.


Plaza de Oriente



A vibrant city of culture

The Museum

Not visiting one or two museum while in Madrid would be a terrible mistake as the City contains a few masterpieces that are sights to behold. Even though you might have seen some of them in pictures (Garden of delights or Guernica), the feeling of seeing those paintings in real life is totally different. I’m not much of a art critique but even I can feel the beauty, an inexplicable feeling of wonder and enjoy the hard work put into it.

I first had the occasion of going to the Museum of Reina Sofía, which is more themed towards contemporary art and surrealism and also dedicated to Spanish art as it holds an amazing collection of paintings from Picasso and Salvador Dali.

This is where I had the amazing experience of seeing for the first time with my own eyes the Chef-d’Oeuvre that is Picasso’s Guernica. I was actually surprised at how large the painting actually is as it covers an entire wall. I was very moved by the desperation with yet a touch of hope that Guernica conveys. It really is a testimony of Spanish History.

Later on we visited The Prado Museum, the Main Spanish national art museum. It holds such an enormous collection that a day is not enough time to see every pieces.  However we had time to see the Goya’s collection and Bosch’s Garden Of Earthly Delights.


The Gardens at the Reina Sofía Museum are just as fine as what’s inside




About last night…

In order to celebrate my friend’s birthday we had to go to the hottest nightclub in the city: Kapital. And indeed it was. The club has 7 floors, each musically themed differently and also has a wonderful rooftop terrace where you can take a break from all the dancing and chill for a bit.



Saying Goodbye


A Quick pose in front of the Debod Temple


Last drink at a Russian restaurant


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ

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