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Travelling Back in Time in Versailles

Travelling Back in Time in Versailles

There’s no need for time machines, DeLorean, Tardis and such… when you can easily travel back in time by visiting historically charged locations. Some places have that special atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve just been transported into another century.

That’s exactly how I felt when visiting Versailles in France. This town is mostly known for the famous ‘Chateau de Versailles’ which has been the luxurious residence of French Kings: Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. The Chateau and its gardens are the prefect representation of France’s dreams of grandeur and opulence.

When I arrived in Versailles, the first thing that I noticed was that it was less hectic and more relaxed than its famous neighbour Paris. It has the feel of a nice little town in the country-side with a lot of green spaces and little parks.

Grandes Eaux et Jardins Musicaux – Musical Gardens and Fountains

Designed by the genius mind of André Le Nôtre under the reign of Louis XIV, those 830 ha of pure magnificence are definitely something you should see when in Versailles. I recommend you visit the garden before the castle as it will be less crowed and give you the opportunity of admiring freely the fountain shows.



While strolling in the gardens, you’ll have the agreeable opportunity of having your own soundtrack to this walk down France’s History. Indeed, Classical baroque music is being constantly played through really well hidden speakers so that you’ll feel like the music comes out of nowhere. It adds a magical touch to the experience and gives you the impression of being part of Louis XIV’s court.



The fountains of Versailles will leave you in awe as they are more than just pieces of art, they are characters from another time. They genuinely feel alive and are there to tell a story.



Bassin de Latone

The aim of this fountain was to tell the story of Latona, mother of Apollo and Diane. Louis XIV wanted to tell the story of Apollo’s childhood, the Sun-God, which he chose as his emblem.


Sorry I’m in front!


Bassin du Miroir

It was for me the highlight of the garden’s visit. It’s a whole 20 minutes show of a perfectly timed choreography. The way the water dances in the air to the sound of gleeful classical music is really marvelous.

It’s a mesmerising sight you simply can’t miss. The music perfectly fits with how the water spurts moves around as if they just came alive. Close your eyes and maybe, with a bit of imagination, you’ll get transported into the whimsical parties of the 17th century.




Bassin d’Apollon

It has been built by Andre le Nôtre to illustrate the myth of Apollo and through it, the splendour of the Sun-King.



Bassin de l’Encelade

Encelade, in Greek Mythology, was one of the giants, son of Gaïa. The fountain represents him trying to fight off the angry Gods he tried to rebel against.




Coming up soon: Versailles Part.2: Le Chateau de Versailles: Residence of Kings and Queen – Grandeur and Opulence


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ

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