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Best Things to do in Barcelona

Best Things to do in Barcelona

You only got a few days before coming back to work and you want to make the most of what little holidays you got? That’s how I felt when going to Barcelona for a few days of a well deserved break from my busy student life (not really though but…). Here are a few things I highly recommend you to do in Barcelona if like me you are :

  • On a budget
  • Short on time
  • Ready to put your party hat on

A little Hike to Montjuic to get an amazing viewpoint of Barcelona

Just off the plane we decided to kick things off by going on a little hike to Montjuic to get a feel of the city (if that makes sense).

Montjuic is a hill dominating the ancient city and the old port of Barcelona. You’ll have the opportunity to see the old sites used for the 1992 Olympic games and once you get to the top, definitely the highlight of this visit, you’ll have one the greatest viewpoint of the city.

Even though we didn’t feel at our freshest and the hike to the top of the hill was a bit difficult for us (still the morning and we were already sweating from the hot Catalonian weather), the view that was greeting us there was worth all the effort. But if you’re too lazy to bother walking all the way to the top there’s always the option of taking the bus or the funicular (you lazy slug).


Ready to take on Barcelona!


Montjuic Palace





Enjoying the view while deep in thought…



Take a break, relax at the beach

Yeah not much of an advice right? Of course when going to Barcelona you’ll find your way to the beach. That’s like the no.1 thing you’ll have in mind when planning your trip there. Sipping your mojito while checking out hot guys/girls and working on your tan so that you can show off to the colleagues when you come back home.

There are several beautiful beaches you can go to in Barcelona. We chose to go to Platja del Somorrostro, near the Olympic port. It’s usually less crowded that Platja de la Barceloneta and still as beautiful in my opinion.

Useful tip : If you ever find yourself being accosted by a beautiful stranger while chilling on the beach there’s a 80% chance that he or she wants to sell you something (the 20% left being someone with genuine interest in you, that can happen!). In our case, there was this cute guy who seemed to genuinely want to chat with us, but turned out he just wanted to sell us some kind of deal to nightclubs and parties. Shameful. 




Have a long stroll in La Rambla, the iconic avenue of Barcelona.

Nothing more touristy that strolling through this iconic street of Barcelona and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don’t mind the crowd you’ll enjoy how animated and lively the street is. You’ll encounter a numerous amount of street performers, kiosks, restaurants, flower shops, singing birds and more.

Make sure to stop and visit the covered market La Boqueria and treat yourself to a cup of fresh fruits or a full plate of tapas. Don’t forget to check out Plaça Reial, one of Barcelona’s spot you don’t want to miss.


Covered Market La Boqueria


Plaça Reial


Columbus Monument


Food, Food, Food and more Food

Food is one of the best thing to enjoy in Life in general (it’s No.1 on my list) especially when you’re in Spain. So many flavours to taste and so little time! You gotta make your meal experience count. Take every opportunity you get to taste as many tapas as you can (even if you feel full, just keep eating, you can never have enough tapas). Take a break if you must by having a bit of sangria (white sangria is wonderful if you don’t fancy red wine that much).

Also, do the right thing and order the biggest Paella on the menu. After that I’m afraid there’s no other option than the siesta (nap) to recover from it.



You know you want to have some!


Enter the fantasy world of renown architect Antoni Gaudí

The Sagrada Familía

Discover Gaudí’s unique style by visiting what has become the symbol of Barcelona, the Sagrada Família. If you were fascinated by how it looked in pictures wait until you see it for real. You can watch the cathedral for hours and still miss wonderful details, sculptures which look like something from Alice in Wonderland.



Park Güell

With its colourful, geometric and organic shapes, Park Güell is the reflection of Gaudí’s artistic creativity. The crazy and fantastic architectural style fits harmoniously with the luxurious gardens of the park.






Enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife

Barcelona really comes alive at night and transforms itself into a fabulous and vibrant giant party.

Start off easy by having a nice drink in one of the bars near the beach, there are a lot of nice shisha bars as well if you feel like it. If you’re a girl you’ll have the advantage of receiving a free drink from eager bar staff. The freeloader you are could easily spend the whole night without spending money by enjoying those free cocktails from every bar of the beach.

In terms of nightclubs I highly recommend you to check out Shôko. A restaurant during the day that transforms into one of the best nightclubs I have ever been to (as if I were such a party girl…). It offers mainly house and electro music and features local and international DJs alike in a sophisticated environment. Be sure to look your best-self so that the bouncer will beg you to get in. The crowd there is usually young, people in there 20-30s.

The awesome plus is that once you get in and receive your stamp, you can easily go back and forth from the beach, which is just outside the entrance, to take a little break from all the dancing.

If you’re looking for an older crowd, there’s Opium, it was full of 40+ years old (at least when I went there) so I did not enjoy it as much as Shôko. Although it was advertised as the best club in Barcelona I felt it was overcrowded with a lot of creepy old men… But don’t just take my word for it, you might have a different experience than me… I hope.

Also, drinks are crazy expensive inside the clubs so a pre-party is a must 🙂


A nice pic before hitting the club!


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ

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