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Road Trip to Isle Of Skye : A Musical Journey

Road Trip to Isle Of Skye : A Musical Journey

Because you can’t go to Isle of Skye just once in your life, I decided I had to join my housemates for an epic road trip filled with ear-piercing singing and cookie eating sessions on the side of the road. I also had the chance to see famous locations that I didn’t have the opportunity to see the last time I was there (that’s a whole other story that you definitely have to read as well). With a dozen of lunch boxes filled with brownies and cookies baked by one very thoughtful housemate and the playlist for the road ready to be played obnoxiously loud, we were ready to go!

Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles


Look who decided to show up? The rare Scottish sun!


I had a feeling this trip was gonna be good thanks to the bright and rare Scottish sun which decided to show up. Our trip was obviously destined for greatness.

Our first stop, because we wouldn’t want to tire our driver, was in Glencoe, where we enjoyed cookies and beer (it’s never too early for beer don’t judge us).


The enchanting view of Glencoe


Castle In The Snow – The Avener & Kadebostany

After 2 more hours of an uneventful drive (Although some tension arose when me and the driver broke into a song and woke up the other passengers – our beautiful voices did not appeal to them for some reasons…), we stopped at the magnificent Eilean Donan Castle, looking like something off of Game Of Thrones. I channeled my inner Jon Snow by displaying my best brooding face as I asked myself what kind of sword would be best to defeat the white walkers. However this little reverie of mine was interrupted by the hail suddenly falling from the sky making us run for cover into the warm comfort of the car.



Spread Your Wings – Queen

As we were crossing the Skye Bridge, I thought we were driving towards the actual sky as I couldn’t see the end of the road, it really looked like we were on a ramp to infinity and beyond. It was a crazy sensation. Having finally reached the Isle Of Skye, we were welcomed by one gorgeous rainbow. Thankfully I was not driving, otherwise it would have been a disaster. Firstly, driving here is on the wrong side of the road and secondly I would have been too distracted by the scenery to focus on the road and just crash into a pole or something.



Down By The River – Milky Chance

Sligachan River was the next stop on the list and it felt like we were the only humans left on earth as we had the entire location to ourselves which was a nice change from the other crowded touristy places. There was something really peaceful about this river, maybe the misty mountains in the background or the calming sound of the water helped setting up this more than agreeable atmosphere.




Meet the gang!



Life On Mars – David Bowie

The sun was already beginning to fade away when we made our way to the fairy pools but thankfully we had enough light so that we could see where we walked. Crossing small rivers by jumping from stone to stone was a bit of a challenge and we all felt like we were contestants on American Ninja Warrior. The tall grass around us had this surprisingly red/orange color and with the mountains and hills in the background it felt like we were on another planet.






Trying not to fall into the water




We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Completely exhausted from the long day we had (singing, running around and taking silly photos takes a lot of energy), we decided to relax in a nice looking Pub called the Old Inn in Carbost. We were lucky to have planned the trip during the Bonfire night celebrations and witnessed a lovely Firework show and a huge bonfire set on the lake.

Finally we ended our day at our hostel where we enjoyed a surprisingly intense Pictionary game before going to bed.





Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

This intense song perfectly represents the whole ordeal of hiking to Old Man Of Storr. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself… Doing physical activities while I know perfectly well I have the stamina of an asthmatic 80 year old man with a heart condition, what was I thinking?

Taking lots of picture was actually my excuse to take breaks every five minutes. But in the end I made it near the top (I could have made it higher but… well I did not feel like dying that day ok?). Seeing the Old Man clearly for the first time (as it was too cloudy last time I was there to see well) and having a majestic view of the sea was worth all the effort.


I made it!


Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks

After that epic hike from hell we went for a quieter activity which was taking a nice stroll in the colourful town of Portree. Observing the seagulls and just taking in the view without thinking about anything was nice and a most needed rest from all the physical activities.

After that little break, our last stop before going home was to the Quiraing where we saw one breathtaking view and stalked some sheep who did not really appreciate being disturbed while eating.


Colourful town of Portree




That sheep was not impressed with us silly humans.



It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – The Animals


Stuck behind a cow on our way back. Even the animals didn’t want to see us leave 🙁




Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ

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