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When High on Adrenaline, Skye is the limit

When High on Adrenaline, Skye is the limit

Going to the Isle Of Skye might be the go to trip when you visit Scotland. It was the first location people recommended to me when I asked about what I should do in Scotland.

I was therefore awaiting with great anticipation the day I would get to go to this famous Skye and see what the fuss was all about.

When this fateful day finally came, I was afraid it was going to be a let down as it tends to happen sometimes when something is overhyped.

Well… let me just say… and it might sound cheesy and the cliché thing to say for a travel blogger, but it was not just a simple trip, it was an Experience… (I know this is a pretty cringey phrase but I don’t care)


Ok so we’re in Skye. First thing first, I am a bit worried because this Ophelia hurricane is suppose to hit Scotland soon and it’s beginning to get awfully windy in here. I’m losing my balance just standing and I have not had any whiskey yet.

I put my hat on, gather my bearings and then I look up. National Geographic people were not mistaken when they declared that Isle of Skye was the 4th best Island in the world.

Sligachan Bridge

The first stop we take is Sligachan Bridge over the river Sligachan. There is this legend saying that if we put our heads in the water for more than seven seconds we’ll come out as the most beautiful man or woman in the world. I’m not doing it, I know I’m a coward, but I’d rather be ugly and healthy than beautiful with the sniffles… Priorities.




This is the capital of Skye, a lovely colourful town with one of the best fish and chips I ever tasted. The scenery is glorious, my fish and chips tastes amazing, I’m feeling goood.




Old Man of Storr

This is when it gets intense. The highlight of the trip. It’s suppose to be quite a short hike to see the old man but me being so out of shape it feels like climbing the Kilimanjaro… Also the wind is not helping, I think it’s trying to push me towards the edge of the cliff and kill me. What have I done to you wind!? But the hike gets me high on adrenaline and I can’t stop giggling. As I’m slowly approaching the magnificent rock, soaking wet from the rain and barely standing, I’m smiling and laughing so much that I look like a maniac. I see my friends hanging on to a rock, trying their best not to fly away, wondering who’s that weirdo? Me, I’m just there watching the Old Man… maybe I’ll fly away… just like Harry Styles in his music video (fact: Sign of the times was actually filmed in Skye!)

I feel like it would not have been the same experience if the weather was less hectic. It added a charm to the trip and gave a wild beauty to the scenery.





Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls

Kilt rock gets its name because it looks like a kilt, how Scottish is that? 🙂 but kinda true if you have some imagination.

The Mealt Fall is one of the few waterfalls to “fall” into the sea. It is genuinely one of the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen.



Lealt Gorge and Lealt Falls

Another spectacular view. I find myself having some difficulties describing it… but really I can’t be bothered to write it, words are difficult to find, so you’ll just have to look at the photos and see for yourself! (I am a terrible blogger, aren’t I?)





Castle Moil in Kyleakin

This ruined fortress built in the 15th century was home to a Norwegian princess called “Saucy Mary”. She would charge a toll to any boat that wanted to cross. Once it was paid, she would thank the boat’s crew by flashing them her bare breasts… How scandalous!


Who knew this gloomy looking castle was home to such a naughty lady 😉


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ

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