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The Non-Basic way to spend your day in the West End, Glasgow

The Non-Basic way to spend your day in the West End, Glasgow

Hey there you… Ever find yourself so tired of the boring days spent eating at McDonalds, sipping your pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, looking at the latest Trump’s tweets on your phone? Well…those basic days are behind you. No more mainstream stuff… You are a rebel now.

Now that I’ve been living in Glasgow for like two whole months now, I can confidently say that I’m an expert on what to do and where to go in this town.


A quiet Morning at Kelvingrove Museum : Away from city worries

If you want to spend a morning worthy of your intelligence and your acute sense of taste, I strongly advise you to visit the Kelvingrove museum. I assume you are not some idiot going there just to take some pictures of the art without having the slightest idea of what the hell you’ve just seen. No… you are one of those people that knows their stuff. Impressionism, cubism, Van Gogh, Rembrandt… have no secrets for you.

Architectural Drama

Prepare to be amazed by the architecture of the museum. The outside as well as the inside will make you forget all about your basic worries. It might seem though like the museum is facing the wrong way somehow… legend has it that the building was wrongly designed by the architect. When he found out that the entrance wasn’t facing the main road, he was so mortified he jumped to his death from one of Kelvingrove’s tower…. overreacting much?



Nourishment for the soul and the mind

Once inside, discover Glasgow’s history through the eyes of the Glasgow boys, a bunch of hip painters from the late XIXth century. Learn about Scottish history through haunting paintings of Mary Queen of Scots, the fallout of the jacobites rebellion and more…



Musical Epilogue

After taking a break from all the paintings-seeing, the classical music lover that you are will appreciate a break from those Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Nicki Minaj tunes that your basic friends keep pushing down your throat (or ears? Not sure). Indeed, in the main hall of the museum, a lovely Organ recital can be heard for free from different performers everyday.



Afternoon : Treat. Yo. Self



Lunch time at Kimchi Cult, a charming little Korean fast food. A cool, healthy (if you choose so) and cheap alternative to McDonalds. Treat Yo Self!



Lacking colourful and quirky jumpers? Go Vintage shopping in The Glasgow Vintage Co. or Glorious and so many more. The West end is full of vintage shops. Don’t worry you’ll find something. Treat Yo Self!

If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny weather, you’ll have to take an afternoon stroll in the botanic gardens. Just take in some fresh air… be inspired by the flowers, sit on a bench and write a poem or something… Treat Yo Self.

Finally, chill and relax in a secret hide out called Tchai-Ovna. It’s just like home, a cute and cosy cocoon where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea from their huge selection of exotic teas. Sit in one of the many couches, take a blanket, pet the cat that’s always sleeping there, read a book, meditate or take a wee nap. You deserve it. Treat Yo Self.


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ

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