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Meeting Fairies in the Trossachs

Meeting Fairies in the Trossachs

Friendliest Welcome

The first thing that struck me when I first arrived in Scotland was how nice people were. I was trying to find my way with a lost look on my face when suddenly, without having to say anything, a nice old lady came up to me and asked if I needed any help. Don’t be shy, ask away if you ever find yourself in Scotland! People love to chat and are from my experience super friendly.

The Enchanting Village of Aberfoyle

Anyway, let’s talk about the first trip I took in Scotland which was to Aberfoyle in the area called the Trossachs, where the Highlands meet the Lowlands.

Aberfoyle is an enchanting little village soaked in mystery and seems to have been taken right from a Grimm’s tale. When I arrived at the information center near the museum of wool, I asked a bit about the history of this little town and that’s where they shared the tale of Reverend Kirk with me.

Legend of the fairies

” Robert Kirk, a minister who lived in the region in the 17th century, was fascinated by celtic folklore and believed in the existence of what he called the Secret Commonwealth, the magical world of fairies. He was actually working on a book documenting in details the life of those magical beings but mysteriously disappeared before having the chance to publish it. Legend says that Fairies were furious at Kirk for divulging all their secrets and kidnapped him to their underground world in revenge. The pine tree at the top of Doon Hill, the place where the reverend was captured, is said to contain his spirit.”

Maybe that was because of this mysterious legend or the airy atmosphere or the general loveliness of the place but I genuinely felt kind of mystical/magical vibes. Maybe, just maybe fairies did actually exist and were wandering about, above or below us, jealously protecting their kingdom.

And so it was with the seemingly foolish idea to spot a fairy that I hopped back in the car to hike a bit in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

In my quest to find the fairies’ world, I came across the most marvellous scenery.





Fairies are not easy to find as they are really secretive… However, as I strolled leisurely, enjoying the peaceful energy of the forest, I felt a chill down my spine, as if someone was watching me from above. I stopped in my tracks, looked around but no one was there but a tiny squirrel.




Let’s hope you guys have better luck finding those sneaky little creatures 🙂 Make sure to tell me if you ever encounter one!


Cheers – À Bientôt – สวัสดีค่ะ



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